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Nectar of the Dogs

Nectar of the Dogs Immune And Wellness Supplement Powder

Nectar of the Dogs Immune And Wellness Supplement Powder

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Nectar of the Dogs, a collaboration between Australian natural health experts, veterinarians, and food technologists, introduces an array of potent plant-based supplements in a delightful liquid form.

Nectar of the Dogs Immune + Wellness is an easy-to-use, human-grade supplement designed to support healthy immune function in dogs. A strong immune system is critical for general health and wellbeing. The plant-based, organic ingredients contain zero fillers, are grain-free and isotonic.

Nectar Immune + Wellness harnesses the power of Wellmune for Pets, a component that binds to immune cells, fortifying them against infections and ailments. Enriched further with organic Astragalus and medicinal mushrooms, this formula provides a robust boost to immune function and overall wellness.

Each can contains 150g of water-soluble powder, providing a 30-day supply. Infused with a delicious BBQ Sausage flavor, it's an irresistible addition to your pet's daily routine.

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