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i.Pet Foldable Portable Dog Ramp

i.Pet Foldable Portable Dog Ramp

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Ensure your aging or injured furry companion can access their favorite spots without the pain of jumping or climbing. The i.Pet dog ramp and steps come as a perfect solution to provide your pets with the much-needed support to maintain their mobility and independence.

The i.Pet dog ramp and steps offer the perfect blend of functionality and care. It not only ensures your pet's mobility but also significantly reduces the risk of joint-related injuries. Your pet's comfort and safety are paramount, and with this ramp, you show them just how much you care. It's not just a product; it's a gesture of love.

Key Features
  1. Three-Fold Design:
    A unique tri-fold design ensures a compact footprint when in use and effortless storage when not needed.

  2. Injury Prevention:
    By providing a steady incline, the ramp reduces the stress on your dog's joints, preventing potential injuries from jumps and climbs.

  3. Compact & Portable:
    Designed with mobility in mind, this ramp is easy to move, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage.

  4. Sturdy & Reliable:
    Crafted from eco-friendly polyethylene with a matte finish, the ramp ensures longevity and can support dogs of various sizes and weights.

  5. Non-Slip Surface:
    Safety is paramount; the slip-resistant surface ensures your pet has a secure grip while climbing up or down.

  6. Easy Storage:
    The ramp's design allows for easy storage, saving space in your home or car.

  7. Versatile Use:
    It's not just limited to home use; the ramp is ideal for car travels, ensuring your pet can easily get in and out of the vehicle.

  8. Durable Construction:
    With a solid frame and reliable support, this ramp is built to last, giving your pet years of comfortable movement.

  9. Weather-Resistant:
    Come rain or shine; the ramp's water and temperature-resistant surface ensures usability in various conditions.

  10. Suitable for All:
    Whether you have a tiny terrier or a burly bulldog, the ramp is built to cater to dogs of all sizes and breeds.


Brand: i.Pet
Material: Polyethylene, matte finish
Colour: Black
Overall dimensions: 182cm x 41cm x 12cm
Folding dimensions: 69cm x 41cm x 19cm
Weight capacity: 90KG
Assembly required: No
Number of packages: One

Package Content

i.Pet Dog Ramp and Step x 1
Assembly Manual x 1

This product comes with 1 year warranty

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