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EAC Animal Care

EAC Animal Care In-Fusion MSM Joint, Muscles & Skin - 125g

EAC Animal Care In-Fusion MSM Joint, Muscles & Skin - 125g

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EAC Animal Care's In-Fusion MSM Joint, Muscles & Skin supplement is an essential addition to the care regimen for horses, cats, and dogs, providing a potent, bioavailable form of sulfur crucial for various bodily functions. This ultra-pure MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) supplement aids in the maintenance and repair of connective tissues, supports a robust metabolism, and promotes overall well-being. As processing and drying of standard feed can deplete natural MSM levels, supplementing with In-Fusion MSM ensures your animals receive the necessary nutrients for optimal health, particularly in joint care, muscle repair, and skin and coat vitality.

Integrate EAC Animal Care's In-Fusion MSM into your pet or horse's daily routine to ensure they receive the foundational support needed for optimal joint, muscle, and skin health, keeping them active, healthy, and happy.

Key Features
  • High-Quality MSM: Offers an ultra-pure, bioavailable source of sulfur, essential for maintaining healthy connective tissues, including joint cartilage.
  • Versatile Health Benefits: Supports a healthy metabolism, aids in protein synthesis, and facilitates nerve cell communication.
  • Antioxidant Production: Encourages the production of glutathione, a vital antioxidant that combats oxidative stress in the body.
  • Keratin Production: Essential for creating keratin, a key component in hair, hooves, and skin, promoting their strength and resilience.
  • Comprehensive Support: Ideal for horses, cats, and dogs, especially when dietary MSM is insufficient, enhancing muscle repair, joint health, and skin condition.
  • Complementary Use: Can be used alongside other In-Fusion products like HA, In-Sideout, In-Force, In-Stride, and In-Sandout for integrated animal care.
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