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Zippy Paws

Zippy Paws ZippyTuff Squeakerz Teether Dog Toy - Dumbbell

Zippy Paws ZippyTuff Squeakerz Teether Dog Toy - Dumbbell

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Introduce a fun and challenging playtime for your furry friend with the ZippyTuff Squeakerz Dumbbell! Designed for those dogs that love a good chew, this toy combines the sturdiness of TPR material with a playful dumbbell design. Its textured surface with ridges offers an engaging chew experience, while treat holes on the sides add an element of reward and mental stimulation. What sets this dumbbell apart is its unique rattle noise maker, ensuring every play session is filled with surprise sounds. Whether your pup is playing indoors or having fun in the yard, the ZippyTuff Squeakerz Dumbbell promises hours of entertainment.

Gift your pup a mix of fun, challenge, and reward with the ZippyTuff Squeakerz Dumbbell! 🐶

Key Features
  • Durable Build: Made of tough TPR, ensuring longevity and resilience.
  • Engaging Texture: Ridges on the surface enhance the chewing experience.
  • Treat-Friendly: Side holes can be filled with treats for a rewarding playtime.
  • Entertaining Sound: Contains a rattle noise maker to keep your dog curious and engaged.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for both indoor and outdoor play sessions.

Design: Dumbbell

Colour: Blue

Size/Dimensions: Approximately 25.4cm x 11.4cm x 6.4cm

Material: TPR

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