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Zippy Paws

Zippy Paws ZippyClaws Burrow Cat Toy - Snakes in Cactus

Zippy Paws ZippyClaws Burrow Cat Toy - Snakes in Cactus

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Introduce your feline to the delightful desert adventure with the ZippyClaws Burrow™ Mice ‘n Cheese set, now featuring a captivating cactus and sneaky snakes! This interactive plush puzzle toy presents a desert-themed challenge, urging your cat to hunt and extract the wiggly, catnip-infused snakes from the cozy cactus burrow. With fuzzy faux fur on the snakes, it adds a tactile experience that cats adore, enhancing playtime and stimulating their hunting instincts.

Offer your cat a slice of desert fun right in the comfort of your home with the ZippyClaws Burrow™ Mice ‘n Cheese, and watch as they slither, sneak, and play the day away!

Toy Set Includes: Cactus Burrow, 2 Miniz Snakes Plush Toys (Yellow & Red)

Key Features
  • Desert-Inspired Play: Engages your cat with a cactus burrow and two sneaky, catnip-filled snakes, encouraging natural hunting behaviors.
  • Tactile Faux Fur: The snakes feature soft, fuzzy faux fur that cats can't resist pawing and nuzzling.
  • Wiggly Snake Shape: Designed to captivate and keep your cat's attention longer.
  • Expandable Fun: Compatible with other ZippyClaws Burrows and Miniz Toys for varied and continuous play sessions.
  • All Cats Welcome: Suitable for curious kittens, playful adults, and even the wise, old hunters.
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