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Yeowww! Cat Toy with Pure American Catnip - La Cat-rina

Yeowww! Cat Toy with Pure American Catnip - La Cat-rina

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Yeowww's newest toy, La CAT-rina, captures the vibrant and lively essence of the Day of the Dead, offering a stimulating and engaging play experience for cats of all ages. Inspired by the traditional calaveras of Día de los Muertos, this toy presents a colorful and sensory-rich design. The front of La CAT-rina showcases a durable cotton twill face, robust enough to endure the most enthusiastic play involving teeth and claws. On the flip side, the toy offers a soft, fuzzy texture, perfect for those moments when your cat seeks a comfortable resting place post-play.

La CAT-rina by Yeowww is more than just a cat toy; it's a celebration of culture and fun, guaranteed to bring hours of entertainment and comfort to your feline friend.

Key Features
  • Day of the Dead Inspired: Features colorful calaveras design, captivating your cat's attention.
  • Durable Cotton Twill: Ideal for withstanding playful bites and scratches.
  • Soft and Fuzzy Back: Provides a cozy spot for your cat to rest.
  • Packed with Catnip: Contains over 40 grams of Yeowww's organically grown catnip, ensuring extended playtime enjoyment.
  • Generous Size: Satisfies cats of all sizes and play styles.


Size: 12cm x 10cm

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