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Whinhyepet Harness Purple S

Whinhyepet Harness Purple S

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The Whinhyepet Escape Proof Dog Harness is a combination of design and functionality, ensuring that your furry companion is comfortable and secure during your walks, regardless of the season. It showcases the best in safety features and aesthetics, providing a harmonious blend of style and utility.

The Whinhyepet Escape Proof Dog Harness stands out as a premier choice for dog owners who refuse to compromise on their pet's comfort and safety. With its blend of top-notch materials, thoughtful design, and stylish aesthetics, it's the perfect companion for all your dog-walking adventures.

Key Features
  1. Escape Proof Design: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this harness is designed to ensure that your canine buddy cannot easily slip out, giving you peace of mind during your outdoor adventures.

  2. All-Weather Suitability: Made with waterproof Cordura fabric, the harness is ideal for all seasons. Whether it's a rainy day or a snowy evening, your dog remains dry and comfortable.

  3. Easy Adjustability: The harness boasts four adjustable straps, allowing for a custom fit that accommodates the unique build of every dog. This feature ensures that the harness sits comfortably without being too tight or too loose.

  4. Effortless On and Off: Equipped with a robust duraflex buckle, putting on and taking off the harness is a breeze. The buckle provides a secure fit, ensuring the harness stays in place even during the most energetic of romps.

  5. Night Time Safety: With 3M reflectors integrated into the design, nighttime visibility is significantly enhanced. This feature ensures safer walks during the evening or in low light conditions.

  6. Premium Materials: The harness uses high-quality nylon webbing known for its durability and strength. The neoprene padding adds an extra layer of comfort, preventing any chafing or discomfort.

  7. Secure Attachment Point: The harness features an aluminium alloy D-ring, offering a sturdy point of attachment for leashes, ensuring that you have maximum control during your walks.

  8. Fashion Meets Function: Available in three distinct colours, the Whinhyepet Harness ensures your dog looks as good as they feel.



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