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The Pet Project

The Pet Project Natural Treats – Bully Sticks pack of 5

The Pet Project Natural Treats – Bully Sticks pack of 5

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When it comes to your dog's treats, don't you want something as natural and pure as their love for you? Meet our Australian Beef Bully Sticks—the health-packed treats your fur-babies can't resist! Made entirely of premium Australian beef, these bully sticks serve as perfect boredom busters and dental aids. Especially great for teething puppies, our bully sticks are the epitome of quality, simplicity, and local pride.

Premium Quality You Can Trust:

Each bully stick is made from human-grade ingredients, ensuring your pet gets nothing but the best.

Hypoallergenic and Gentle:

Perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Our bully sticks contain a single ingredient—beef—guaranteeing no adverse reactions.

Paws-itive Dental Health:

Besides bully sticks, we offer a range of dental-centric treats aimed to maintain your pet’s dental health.

Made in Australia:

We proudly source all our ingredients locally. Buying our treats means you’re supporting Australian farmers and contributing to the local economy.

Recommended For:

  • Puppies and small to medium-sized dogs.
  • For larger dogs or aggressive chewers, consider our Roo Tail Tips, Natural Goat Horn, or Kangaroo Bone.

Turn snack time into a feast of health benefits and happy wagging tails. Opt for our Australian Beef Bully Sticks and make your pet's day, every day.

Key Features
  • Boredom Busters: Say goodbye to chewed shoes and destroyed pillows. These bully sticks are designed to engage your pets for hours, keeping them happy and occupied.

  • For Dental Health: Chewing on these sticks not only pleases your pets but also supports their dental health by promoting better gum and teeth condition.

  • Puppy's Best Friend: Teething can be tough. Our bully sticks make it easier by satisfying your young ones' natural urge to chew, making the teething process more bearable.

  • 100% Natural and Aussie-Made: Our bully sticks are crafted using only premium Australian beef. No additives, fillers, or other nasty surprises.


100% Australian Beef – nothing else!

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