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Sprenger Soundless Training Whistle

Sprenger Soundless Training Whistle

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Premium Canine Training Whistle, the must-have tool for effective long-distance dog training. Designed to be virtually silent to humans, this advanced whistle can be heard by dogs from an impressive range of 150 to 400 meters, making it ideal for outdoor settings and large training grounds.

  • Advanced Acoustic Design: The frequency is tuned specifically to capture your dog's attention, making it a perfect device for obedience training, recall, and signaling.

  • Adjustable Pitch: Easily tailor the pitch to your dog's hearing range using the screw adjustment feature. This allows for precise frequency modulation suited for your specific training needs.

  • Lock and Load: Once you've found the ideal pitch, secure it in place with the locking nut to maintain a consistent sound throughout your training sessions.

  • Built-in Protection: An integral plastic sleeve safeguards the adjustable mechanism, ensuring the whistle's longevity and performance.

Upgrade your dog training regimen with the Premium Canine Training Whistle. Whether you're in a sprawling park or a large open field, this whistle guarantees your commands will be heard loud and clear—even if they're silent to you!

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