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Snooza Cool Cuddler – Silver

Snooza Cool Cuddler – Silver

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Introducing the elegant Snooza Cool Cuddler in a sophisticated Silver hue – a haven of comfort for your pet. This revolutionary bed now features a bamboo-blend fabric that's not only silky smooth to the touch but also cool, making it ideal for pets in warmer climates or those with thicker coats. Our bamboo-blend fabric is a testament to innovation, offering temperature-regulating properties for optimal comfort. It is also breathable and designed to be bacteria and odour-resistant, ensuring a clean and fresh sleeping area. The low-allergenic, fur-free fabric is sustainably grown, adding an eco-friendly touch while effectively wicking away moisture to maintain a cool environment for your pet.

Choose the Snooza Cool Cuddler in Silver for a stylish, comfortable, and sustainable resting place for your beloved pet.

Key Features
  • Bamboo-Blend Fabric: Offers a silky, cool-touch experience, perfect for temperature regulation.
  • Breathable and Hygienic: Designed to resist bacteria and odours, promoting a cleaner sleeping area.
  • Moisture-Wicking: The fabric actively manages moisture, enhancing comfort during warm conditions.
  • Removable and Washable Covers: Ensures effortless cleaning and maintenance.
  • Eco-Friendly Filling: Stuffed with EcoFresh™, made from recycled plastic bottles and zero-waste foam crumb, which is both washable and refillable.
  • Interchangeable Covers: Compatible with Snooza’s Calming Cuddler beds for versatile styling.
  • Durable and Sustainable: Emphasizes high-quality, long-lasting materials and sustainable practices.


All measurements are in millimetres (mm)

Diameter of sleeping area 400mm 600mm 700mm
Diameter of outside edge 660mm 900mm 1050mm
Height 250mm 250mm 350mm

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