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Dog Knotted Braided Cotton Chew Rope Toy

Dog Knotted Braided Cotton Chew Rope Toy

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Introducing the All For Paws Chew Mix Rope from our exclusive Pups Range – the perfect playtime companion for your new puppy. This toy is expertly designed to meet the chewing needs of your growing pup. The unique blend of cotton and jersey materials creates a durable yet gentle texture that is ideal for your puppy’s delicate teeth and gums. The vibrant mix of colors and the appealing design of knotted and braided soft short plush fabric make it not just a toy, but a visually stimulating experience for your pup.

With the All For Paws Chew Mix Rope, you're not just giving your puppy a toy; you're enhancing their playtime with a safe, engaging, and developmental experience.

Key Features
  • Mixed Texture Material: Combines cotton and jersey for a chew-friendly texture that's perfect for puppies.
  • Colorful Design: Brightly colored with a fun, engaging pattern to capture your puppy's interest.
  • Soft and Safe: Made from soft short plush fabric, ensuring it's gentle on your puppy’s mouth.
  • Durable Construction: Expertly crafted to withstand enthusiastic play, providing long-lasting fun.
  • Ideal for Teething Puppies: Helps to soothe sore gums and promote dental health through play.
  • Interactive Playtime: Encourages active play, helping to develop your puppy's physical skills and bonding with their human.


Dimensions: 20 (L) x 3 (W) x 3 (D)  

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