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Paw Mate

Paw Mate Pet Potty Tray Toilet 63cm x 50cm + 1 Grass Mat

Paw Mate Pet Potty Tray Toilet 63cm x 50cm + 1 Grass Mat

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If you want to make your much loved pet living area more comfortable, this Paw Mate Pet Potty Training Large Portable Toilet is the perfect solution! Keeping your pet's living area clean and tidy can also prevent diseases and have a healthy life. It sure will help keep you and your pet happy! It suits pet owners that have in-house pet only, would like to toilet train, might miss the toilet time due to appointments or work or due to bad weather and are unable to walk them out for their needs.

The synthetic grass on top of the tray is premium quality and you and your pet will feel great on touch! The feeling is very natural and most importantly, it is made of non-toxic materials so you and your pet are always safe. The tray is also made of high-quality PVC and it can handle large pets without any problems!

The tray is consisted of 3 separate layers: synthetic grass layer on top, smart urine drain designed to drain your dog's waste to the removable urine catch tray at the bottom side. The side tray is convenient to quickly dispose urine as you do not need to remove the whole tray to empty the tray. These 3 separated layers provide the best results as it prevents the grass on top to be soaked so that your pet does not step on a wet grass when he/she needs to use the toilet again.

The whole toilet is very tough and washable so it will last long before you need to replace it. It is recommended to use warm and soapy water to wash it so it is always clean. The toilet is made of a few removable parts so you can clean areas hard to reach and prevent bad odor. You will definitely love this product as now you do not have to spend extra money with toilet sheets or pads for your pet.

Hurry and come grab one for your pet and the ease of use and maintenance will impress! They are selling crazily so it won't last!

Product Features
  • Dulex 3 piece portable and easy to clean pet toilet
  • Convenient removable side urine catch tray so you do not need to remove the whole toilet to empty the tray
  • Made of premium quality 35mm long synthetic grass without toxic materials so you and your pet are safe
  • Tray made of high quality and strong PVC material so it can handle large pets without any problem
  • Easy dissemble tray so every corner can be cleaned to avoid bad smell
  • Designed to drain urine down so the grass is always dry

Product Included
  • 1x Indoor Pet Potty
  • 1x Grass Mat

Product Specifications

Brand: Paw Mate
Material: High Quality PVC and Synthetic Grass
Synthetic Grass: 35mm
Product Dimensions: 63cm x 50cm x 3.5cm
Grass Weight: 0.6kg(1 Grass Mat)

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