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Ibiyaya Sand Dune Round Cat Scratcher with Replaceable Cardboard Insert

Ibiyaya Sand Dune Round Cat Scratcher with Replaceable Cardboard Insert

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The Ibiyaya Sand Dune Cat Scratching Bed offers a unique blend of functionality and style. This basin-shaped scratcher ensures that your cat has a satisfying surface to scratch, and when they're done, a comfy bed to curl up in.

The Ibiyaya Sand Dune Round Cat Scratcher serves as an attractive and functional addition to any cat owner's home. Its dual-purpose design ensures that your cat gets both a scratching surface and a resting place. The added features like portability, replaceable scratcher, and bonus catnip make it a product that offers good value for its price. Any cat owner looking to indulge their feline friend should consider adding this to their collection.

Key Features
  • 2-in-1 Design: Combining a scratcher and a bed in one, this product offers value for money. While the corrugated cardboard provides a surface that cats love to scratch, its basin shape makes it a comfortable resting spot.

  • Portability: The Ibiyaya cover with handles makes it a breeze to move the scratcher from one room to another, allowing your cat to have their favorite spot nearby.

  • Durable Material: Made with recyclable corrugated cardboard, the scratcher is both eco-friendly and designed to last, even with frequent use.

  • Stability: The anti-slip stoppers ensure that the scratcher stays in place while in use, preventing any accidental slipping or sliding.

  • Replaceable Scratcher: Over time and with regular use, scratchers can wear out. The replaceable design ensures that instead of getting an entirely new product, you can simply replace the worn-out scratcher, making it cost-effective in the long run.

  • Bonus Catnip: The included catnip is a lovely touch, making the scratcher even more attractive to felines and ensuring they're drawn to it.

*Note: Replacement scratcher boards for Ibiyaya Sand Dune Cat Scratching Bed available and sold separately.


Diameter: Approximately 47cm

Dimensions: Approximately 46cm (length) x 46cm (width) x 16cm (height)

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