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Ibiyaya Fold-Out Cardboard Cat Scratcher - Sage Green

Ibiyaya Fold-Out Cardboard Cat Scratcher - Sage Green

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The Ibiyaya Fold-Out Cardboard Cat Scratcher aims to deliver a versatile and extended scratching space for your feline friends. Not just an avenue to address their natural scratching behavior, but also a space for them to lounge around.

The Ibiyaya Fold-Out Cardboard Cat Scratcher is a practical and efficient solution for pet owners who wish to satisfy their cats' scratching needs while also providing them a place to rest. The versatility of its design ensures it suits different households' requirements, be it in terms of space or the number of cats. The replaceable boards are an added advantage, ensuring the product's longevity. For those looking for a cost-effective, durable, and functional cat scratcher, this is undoubtedly a top contender. Highly recommended for the happiness and well-being of your feline companions!

Key Features
  • Versatile Design: The fold-out design is its major highlight. Whether you have limited space or multiple cats, you can either stack it up or spread it out. This dual utility ensures that cats can use it both for scratching and for napping.

  • Material Matters: Made of corrugated cardboard, it promises durability while offering the kind of texture that cats naturally gravitate towards. This also means that the scratcher can stand up to the relentless scratching of more vigorous felines.

  • Replaceable Cardboard: Over time, any cat scratcher will show wear and tear. The replaceable boards in this scratcher ensure its longevity, saving costs in the long run as you don't need to buy an entirely new unit – just replace the worn-out board.

  • Compact & Space-Saving: When folded, it doesn't consume much space, making it an excellent choice for apartments or homes with limited space.

  • Perfect for Multiple Cats: For households with more than one feline, this scratcher provides ample room for all. No more territorial fights over scratching space!

Colour: Sage Green

Note: Replacement boards are available and sold separately.


Product weight 0.935kg
Dimensions: L41cm x W30cm per side

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