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Floofi Filters For Water Fountain 2.6L - 6Pcs

Floofi Filters For Water Fountain 2.6L - 6Pcs

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Your pets deserve the best, and that includes fresh, clean water to drink. With the Floofi Pet Water Fountain Filter, ensure that your furry friend gets the purest water every time they take a sip.

When it comes to your pet's hydration, there should be no compromise. The Floofi Pet Water Fountain Filter promises just that - a guarantee of fresh, clean water that is free from harmful impurities. Ensure that every sip your pet takes is as pure as nature intended with Floofi's filtration system!

Key Features
  1. Custom Fit:
    Designed exclusively for the Floofi 2.6L Pet Water Fountain, these filters ensure a snug and perfect fit, ensuring maximum filtration efficiency. Please note that the fountain is sold separately.

  2. Comprehensive Filtration:
    With its Triple Filtration System, your pet's water undergoes a thorough cleaning process. The water passes through a PP cotton layer that filters out visible debris and sediments. Next, the activated carbon layer purifies the water, removing bad odors and tastes. Lastly, the Ion exchange resin helps in softening the water by replacing magnesium and calcium ions with sodium ions.

  3. Safe & Healthy:
    Your pet's health is paramount. That's why the Floofi filter system is designed to remove over 99% of potential contaminants, ensuring that your pet gets the healthiest water possible. From pet hairs to heavy metals, trust that this filter will keep them out.

  4. Extended Pack Life:
    With this pack, you receive a set of 6 filters, ensuring that you have backups for the next few months. The quality of each filter guarantees optimal performance for its entire life cycle.

  5. Regular Maintenance Reminder:
    For the best results and to maintain a consistent water quality, remember to replace the filter every 2-4 weeks. Regular replacement ensures that the filter works at its optimal level, providing your pet with consistently clean and fresh water.

    • Brand: Floofi
    • Material: Activated Carbon
    • Suitable For: 2.6L Pet Drinking Fountain
    • Type: Water Fountain Filter
    • Water Fountain Filter x 6
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