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Floofi Pet Hair Dryer (Black)

Floofi Pet Hair Dryer (Black)

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The Floofi Pet Hair Dryer is engineered for the ultimate grooming experience, blending user-friendly touch controls with customizable airflow to protect your pet's fur. Designed for quiet operation, it includes a dust-filtering sponge to keep the grooming environment clean. The insulated handle and flexible hose provide comfort and convenience, making grooming sessions a breeze. With precise control over thermal and airflow settings, this pet hair dryer caters to the specific needs of different coat types, ensuring a safe and enjoyable grooming session for your beloved pet.

The Floofi Pet Hair Dryer is the perfect tool for pet owners seeking a stress-free, effective, and safe grooming solution. Its thoughtful design and advanced features ensure that your pet remains comfortable throughout the grooming process, while you enjoy a user-friendly and efficient experience.

Key Features
  • User-Friendly Touch Controls: Intuitive touch functionality for an effortless grooming experience.
  • Customizable Airflow: Adjust the airflow to suit different coat types and grooming needs, ensuring your pet's fur is protected.
  • Quiet Operation with Dust Filtering: Operates quietly with a thick sponge for dust filtering, promoting a calm and clean grooming environment.
  • Comfortable and Convenient Design: Features an insulated handle and a flexible hose for ease of use during grooming sessions.
  • Precise Thermal and Airflow Control: Offers specific control over heat and airflow, allowing for a tailored grooming process that meets your pet's unique needs.
  • Brand: FLOOFI

  • Color: Black

  • Max. Power: 3200W

  • Power: 800-2800W

  • Features: LCD Display, Touch Control

  • Wind Speed: 20 m/s-75 m/s

  • Temperature: 30-60℃ (Adjustable)

  • Hose Length: 0.8-2.3m

  • Noise: 40-75dB

  • Power Cord Length: 2.2m

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