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Floofi Cat Bed 2 in 1 With Turntable Toy - Grey

Floofi Cat Bed 2 in 1 With Turntable Toy - Grey

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Introducing the Floofi Cat Bed 2 in 1 with Turntable Toy, a luxurious and playful retreat designed for the ultimate pet comfort and entertainment. This bed combines the softness of ultra-soft synthetic fabric with the fun of a turntable toy, creating a unique sanctuary that your cat will adore. Ideal for snuggle enthusiasts and nap lovers, it offers a snuggle-worthy sleep surface of silken faux fur and quilted seams for added cushioning. The bed's design supports various sleeping positions, providing a cozy burrowing nook with its L-shaped bolsters. Beyond comfort, it features easy maintenance and a joint-friendly design, ensuring both pleasure and health benefits for your pet.

The Floofi Cat Bed 2 in 1 is more than just a bed; it's a comprehensive comfort and play solution for your cat, ensuring they have a personal haven for rest, play, and luxurious lounging.

Key Features
  • Cozy Comfort Zone: Ultra-soft synthetic fabric offers a spa-like retreat within your pet's crate.
  • Snuggle-Worthy Sleep Surface: Silken faux fur and quilted seams create a cloud of bliss for endless snuggling.
  • Naptime Haven: Spacious design with L-shaped bolsters for varied sleeping positions and high-loft comfort.
  • Easy-Breezy Maintenance: Machine washable and dryer-friendly for hassle-free cleaning.
  • Joint-Friendly Design: Orthopedic foam base with bolster support for the neck, hips, and back, promoting restful sleep and joint health.
  • Interactive Turntable Toy: Adds a layer of entertainment, making this bed not just a resting spot but also a play area.
    • Materials: Wool ABS
    • Type: Pet Bed Turntable Toy
    • Appliance: Cats
    • Product Dimension (cm): 48 x 39 x 26cm
    • Color: Grey
    Package Content
    • 1 x Floofi Pet Bed Cat Domed
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