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Floofi Elevated Camping Pet Bed - Army - XL

Floofi Elevated Camping Pet Bed - Army - XL

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Adventurous outings, family picnics, or just a sunny day in the backyard – no matter where you're headed, your pet deserves a comfortable resting spot. Introducing the Floofi Elevated Camping Pet Bed, the perfect blend of functionality and comfort for your pets when they're enjoying the great outdoors alongside you.

Whether it's for camping trips, beach outings, or just a comfortable spot in your backyard, the Floofi Elevated Camping Pet Bed is the ultimate choice. Let your pet enjoy the outdoors in style and comfort. After all, they deserve the best!

Key Features
  1. Superior Build Quality:
    At the heart of our pet bed is a robust frame, ensuring stability and safety. The construction is designed to withstand even the most restless pets and resist damage from their claws. No wobbles, no shakes – just a secure space for your pets to relax.

  2. Ultimate Comfort:
    With a height of 8" from the ground, this elevated design protects your pet from dampness, mud, and insects. The breezy Teslin mesh provides excellent airflow, ensuring that your pet remains cool and enjoys the outdoor breeze, especially during those warm summer days. This design also provides relief for pets with joint issues, offering them a comfortable spot to lounge.

  3. Low Maintenance & Clean-Up:
    Pets can get messy, especially outdoors. Thankfully, the Floofi Elevated Camping Pet Bed is a breeze to clean. The unique mesh design doesn't allow pet hair, dirt, or any grime to stick. Simply hose down the bed with tap water or hand wash with mild soap. Let it air dry, and it's as good as new!

  4. Protect Your Floors:
    The skid-resistant feet ensure that the bed remains in place, even when your pet excitedly jumps on it. Plus, these feet protect your floors or any surface from potential scratches, making the bed ideal for indoor use as well.

  5. Eco-Friendly Material:
    We care about the environment just as much as we care about your pets. The Teslin mesh is recyclable, meaning our bed is not only good for your pet but also kind to the planet.

    • Dimensions (cm): Extra Large - 122 x 91 x 17cm
    • Colour: Army
    • Weight (kg): Extra Large - 3.55KG
    • Material: Oxford cloth, painted metal tube, four-way tube
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