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Floofi Plush Cat Tree 104cm Brown

Floofi Plush Cat Tree 104cm Brown

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The Floofi Plush Cat Tree, at 104cm and adorned in a sleek brown hue, stands as a versatile sanctuary for your furry friends, offering a blend of style and multifunctionality. It’s the quintessential space where cats can relax, play, scratch, and explore, meeting their instinctual needs and enhancing their well-being.

The Floofi Plush Cat Tree 104cm in Brown is a versatile and stylish rest and recreation center designed for feline friends. Its durable, safe, and cat-friendly features make it the ideal space for cats to fulfill their natural instincts while adding a sleek touch to your living space. Whether your cats are playful or just in the mood to relax, this cat tree offers everything they need in one compact and aesthetically pleasing unit. Bring this cozy retreat home and watch your cats enjoy their new favorite spot!

Key Features
  1. Versatile Rest & Recreation Center:

    • This multifunctional cat tree caters to every whim of your cat, whether they want to stretch on the spacious perch, relax in the plush hammock, or scratch the sisal posts, it has something for every cat.
  2. Caters to Natural Instincts:

    • The 3-layer design encourages climbing and exercise, the high perch meets their desire to survey their surroundings from a high vantage point, and the sisal-wrapped posts are a dedicated space for scratching, saving your furniture from claw marks.
  3. Sturdy, Durable & Safe:

    • Constructed with certified E1 particle wood, this heavy-duty cat tree is stable and durable, supporting up to 110 lbs on each platform and suitable for multiple cats to explore.
  4. High-Quality Materials:

    • The plush cover provides warmth and comfort, and all materials used are 100% non-toxic. The durable sisal surface is ideal for scratching, keeping cats entertained and furniture safe.
  5. Easy Installation:

    • Comes with detailed graphic instructions and the necessary tools, making installation a breeze.
  • Meeting Instinctual Needs:

    • Satisfies the natural instincts of climbing, scratching, and high-perch resting, contributing to your cat’s overall happiness and well-being.
  • Protecting Furniture:

    • Provides a dedicated space for scratching, saving your delicate furniture from potential damage.
  • Enhancing Safety:

    • Built with non-toxic materials and a stable structure to ensure the safety of your pets.
  • Aesthetic Appeal:

    • The sleek brown design makes it a stylish addition to any room, blending seamlessly with your home décor.


  • Frame material: E1 Particle wood
  • Cover material: Plush velvet
  • Post material: Natural sisal
  • Overall dimensions: 50 x 50 x 104cm

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