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EAC Animal Care

EAC Animal Care In-Fibre Psyllium Husks - 250g

EAC Animal Care In-Fibre Psyllium Husks - 250g

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EAC Animal Care's In-Fibre Psyllium Husks offer a high-quality, natural fiber solution for your horses, dogs, and cats. Sourced from human-grade psyllium, In-Fibre is designed to support the digestive health of your animals, providing a versatile and beneficial addition to their diet. Whether aiding in sand removal for horses, facilitating anal gland excretion in dogs, or addressing constipation and mild diarrhea across species, In-Fibre delivers targeted support with its natural, fibrous content.

Incorporate EAC Animal Care's In-Fibre Psyllium Husks into your pet or horse's diet to support their digestive health and overall well-being, reflecting your commitment to their highest care standards.

Key Features
  • Human-Grade Psyllium: Ensures top quality and safety, reflecting the premium care you provide for your animals.
  • Natural Fiber Source: Psyllium husks serve as an excellent fiber supplement, promoting healthy digestion and aiding various bodily functions.
  • Supports Sand Removal: For horses, it helps in the prevention and removal of sand from the intestines, supporting gut health and reducing colic risk.
  • Bulks Up Stools: In dogs, it aids anal gland excretion by increasing stool bulk, also beneficial for cats in maintaining regular bowel movements.
  • Relief for Digestive Upsets: Effective in alleviating symptoms of both constipation and mild diarrhea, ensuring comfort and well-being.
  • Versatile Usage: Suitable for mixing or sprinkling over feed or meals, with guidelines for both daily maintenance and periodic intensive support.
  • Hydration Reminder: Emphasizes the importance of fresh, clean water to accompany fiber intake, ensuring optimal health benefits.
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