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All For Paws

All For Paws Dog Squeaky Plush Toy Squirrel - Small

All For Paws Dog Squeaky Plush Toy Squirrel - Small

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Awaken the hunter within your furry friend with the All For Paws Classic Squirrel, a lifelike plush toy that promises endless interactive fun. Designed to resemble a real squirrel, this toy is equipped with an inner squeaker, making it irresistible to dogs and stimulating their natural hunting instincts. Perfect for playtime, this toy encourages engagement through its realistic appearance and sounds, providing a fulfilling play experience that caters to your pet's innate behaviors.

Key Features
  • Lifelike Design: Crafted to mirror the appearance of a squirrel, appealing to your dog's predatory instincts.
  • Interactive Squeaker: The internal squeaker piques your dog's curiosity and keeps them entertained with every bite and chew.
  • Engaging Play: Encourages active play and mental stimulation, keeping your dog healthy and happy.
  • Size for Convenience: With dimensions of L 16.0 x W 18.0 x H 5.5 cm, it's the perfect size for dogs to carry, chase, and play with.

    Dimensions: (Cm) : L 16.0 x W 18.0 x H 5.5

    Package Includes

    Classic Squirrel - All For Paws.

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