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All For Paws

All For Paws Dog Bowl Food Maze Interactive Treat Feeder

All For Paws Dog Bowl Food Maze Interactive Treat Feeder

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Transform mealtime into an engaging puzzle with the All For Paws Dog Bowl Food Maze Interactive Treat Feeder. Designed for dogs that revel in foraging and solving puzzles, this innovative feeder not only stimulates your pet's mind but also turns eating into a fun, interactive game. By scattering treats or food across the maze, your dog is encouraged to think, paw, and nose their way through to their rewards. This feeder is a fantastic way to slow down fast eaters, promote healthy eating habits, and provide mental stimulation, keeping your dog entertained and mentally sharp.

Key Features
  • Interactive Puzzle: Encourages dogs to use their senses and problem-solving skills to retrieve their food or treats.
  • Stimulates Mental Activity: Keeps your dog engaged and focused, turning mealtime into a brain-teasing game.
  • Foraging Fun: Mimics the natural foraging behavior, providing a satisfying and enriching experience.
  • Slows Down Eating: A great solution for dogs who eat too quickly, helping prevent bloating and promoting digestive health.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for use with both treats and regular food, offering variety and challenge to your dog's daily routine.
  • Size (Cm) : L 28.0 x W 28.0 x H 8.0
  • Use with treats or dry kibble
  • Holds all sorts of treat shapes and sizes
  • Great for dogs who like to forage
  • 2 interchangeable mazes
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Keeps your dog stimulated and challenged
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