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Company of Animals

Company of Animals Coachi – Fetch & Reward

Company of Animals Coachi – Fetch & Reward

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Introduce your dog to an exciting retrieval game with the Coachi Fetch & Reward toy. This interactive training tool is designed to enhance fetch and retrieval skills while making training sessions fun and rewarding. Ideal for new dogs learning fetch or older dogs that need motivation, this toy features a zipped compartment where you can hide your dog's favorite treats. The treats are only rewarded when your dog successfully returns the toy, reinforcing positive behavior. The additional rope attached to the toy allows for easy throwing and enables extra-long distances, perfect for advanced retrieval training.

The Coachi Fetch & Reward toy is an excellent choice for pet owners looking to engage their dogs in a mentally stimulating activity while reinforcing positive behaviors during playtime.

Key Features
  • Treat Storage Compartment: Encourages chasing and retrieval as treats are accessible only when the toy is returned to you.
  • Rope for Long Distance Throws: Allows for easy and distant throws, making it ideal for dogs that need extensive running and retrieval practice.
  • Ideal for Scent Work: Enhances dogs’ natural sniffing abilities, perfect for scent work games and mental stimulation.
  • Interactive Training Aid: Great for teaching fetch and improving recall in a fun, rewarding way.
  • Motivational and Engaging: Keeps dogs motivated by combining play with treats, making training an enjoyable experience.
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