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FLOOFI Wooden Cat Tree 120cm

FLOOFI Wooden Cat Tree 120cm

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Presenting a cat tree that resonates with your cat's natural instincts. A haven for your feline to simply be. 

This is more than just a cat tree. It's a space where your kitty feels secure, playful, and truly at home.

Key Features
  • Natural: This cat tree or cat condo is the most perfect thing to cater your feline friend’s their natural habitat, a place to let it be itself.
  • Multi Level and Sturdy: Designed to be a condo that exudes a sense of security, the 4-tiers cat tree features multiple platforms of various heights, with two resting platform at the top, one cozy cube for more privacy, a hammock to rest, and a ladder to climb up the condo.
  • Playful and Fun: There is a hanging fur ball for playful kitty to have fun. The pole is wrap with sisal rope for your cat to scratch and practice its daily regime of keeping its claws in good shape. Besides, it also helps to keep your pet off your expensive furniture too. Not least, two included dangling toys also let kitty play out its natural hunting instincts.
  • Maximum Safety: Your feline companion may have nine lives, but it should also be able to live to its fullest time and again.
  • Superior Quality Material: Made with strong quality of wood and durable sisal.


Material: MDF, Sisal, Plush
Dimensions: 40x 60 x 120(H)cm
Weight: 13.3 kg
Colour: Wood

Package Details

Package Detail:
Dimension (H x W x L): 43 x 62 x 21.5cm
Weight: 13.3 kg
Content: 1 x 120cm Wood Cat Tree

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