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Ibiyaya Raincover for the Hercules Stroller

Ibiyaya Raincover for the Hercules Stroller

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For pet parents who own the Ibiyaya Hercules Heavy Duty Pet Stroller, ensuring your pet remains dry during wet weather conditions is paramount. The Ibiyaya Raincover for the Hercules Stroller is the perfect solution, providing an additional layer of protection against the rain.

The Ibiyaya Raincover for the Hercules Stroller is a thoughtful accessory for those owning the Hercules Heavy Duty Pet Stroller. Rainy days shouldn't deter you from taking your pet out, and this raincover ensures you can venture out without the worry of your pet getting wet. The sturdy build, coupled with the ventilation holes, makes it a practical and essential accessory. For those seeking peace of mind during unexpected showers, this raincover is the perfect companion for your Hercules stroller.

Key Features
  • Specific Fit for Hercules Stroller: Tailored exclusively for the Ibiyaya Hercules Heavy Duty Pet Stroller, this raincover guarantees a perfect fit. It effortlessly wraps around the stroller, ensuring every corner is protected from rain.

  • Ventilation Holes: While protection from rain is the primary function, it's equally vital to ensure your pet gets adequate airflow. The included ventilation holes ensure fresh air circulates, preventing the stroller's interior from becoming stuffy.

  • Durable Waterproof Material: Made from premium waterproof material, this raincover ensures no droplets seep through. The durability of the material ensures long-term use, safeguarding your investment in the stroller and ensuring your pet stays dry during every rainy walk.

  • Easy Installation: Putting on and taking off the raincover is straightforward, ensuring you don't get caught off-guard when the weather changes suddenly.

Colour: Transparent


Material: Non-toxic PVC

Size: Large (Compatible with Ibiyaya Hercules Pet Stroller)

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