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Ibiyaya Raincover for 3-Wheeled Happy Pet Trailer/Jogger

Ibiyaya Raincover for 3-Wheeled Happy Pet Trailer/Jogger

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Cycling is an enjoyable activity, but weather unpredictability can make it challenging, especially when you're bringing your pet along. Enter the Ibiyaya Raincover. This accessory is crafted specifically for the Ibiyaya Happy Bicycle Pet Trailer and guarantees your pet remains cozy and dry, even when the heavens open up.

The Ibiyaya Raincover for the 3-Wheeled Ibiyaya Happy Bicycle Pet Trailer is a must-have accessory for pet owners who love cycling. Whether you're faced with a light drizzle or a torrential downpour, this raincover ensures your pet stays dry, comfortable, and happy. With features like the transparent design, ventilation holes, and the Velcro-closed flip-open design, this raincover scores high on both functionality and user-friendliness. For those who own the Ibiyaya Happy Bicycle Pet Trailer, this accessory is non-negotiable. It promises a smooth, comfortable, and worry-free cycling experience for both you and your pet.

Key Features
  • Tailored Fit for Ibiyaya Happy Bicycle Pet Trailer: This raincover is exclusively designed for the Ibiyaya Happy Bicycle Pet Trailer, ensuring a snug and perfect fit, offering maximum protection against rain.

  • Transparent Design: The clear material provides dual benefits. Firstly, your pet can still enjoy the view outside without feeling closed off. Secondly, it allows you to maintain a line of sight with your furry friend, ensuring they're always comfortable.

  • Ventilation Holes: Fresh air is vital, especially in enclosed spaces. The ventilation holes ensure that while the rain is kept out, there's still an ample supply of fresh air inside the trailer, ensuring your pet doesn't feel suffocated.

  • Velcro-Closed Flip-Open Design: Ease of use is crucial with accessories like this. The Velcro-closed flip-open design ensures quick and hassle-free installation and removal, while also ensuring the cover stays in place throughout the journey.

  • Durable Waterproof Material: The primary purpose of this accessory is to keep the rain out, and the high-quality waterproof material ensures it does just that. Additionally, the durability of the material means it's built to last, giving you great value for money.

Colour: Transparent

Material: Non-Toxic PVC

Size: Medium

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