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Fringe Studio

Fringe Studio Plush Squeaker Dog Toy - Nailed It

Fringe Studio Plush Squeaker Dog Toy - Nailed It

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Dive deep into playtime with the Fringe Studio Nailed It hammerhead shark plush toy. This meticulously designed aquatic toy brings the mysterious charm of the ocean right to your living room, ensuring endless fun and frolic for your four-legged friend.

Crafted with soft plush material, the toy is gentle on your pup's gums and perfect for both spirited play and cuddling. The built-in squeaker adds an extra layer of excitement, sparking your dog's curiosity and keeping them engaged for longer. The unique hammerhead shark design not only stands out in your dog's toy collection but also provides interesting textures and shapes for them to explore with their paws and mouth.

Designed for medium to large dogs, the Fringe Studio Nailed It toy strikes the right balance between durability and softness. While it's sturdy enough for a good game of tug or fetch, it remains gentle for those cozy snuggle sessions. However, always remember to supervise playtime to ensure the toy remains safe and intact for your beloved pet.

Key Features
  • Unique hammerhead shark design offers a captivating play experience.
  • Soft plush material ensures a gentle and comfortable playtime.
  • Contains a squeaker to ignite your pup's interest and amplify the fun.
  • Perfectly sized for medium to large dogs, offering durability without compromising on softness.
  • An excellent addition to your dog's toy collection, adding variety and excitement.
  • Ensure supervised playtime to prolong the toy's lifespan and guarantee your dog's safety.
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